MLM downline
MLM downline

Building your downline is the biggest challenge you face when you embark on your next MLM opportunity. Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is a modern marketing method that helps sell a great product while building out levels of people both selling the product and recruiting new people to sell. The size of your downline represents your money making potential. The longer the downline you have, the more opportunities you have to make money, no matter what kind of structure your MLM follows.

Downline building requires work when you have just signed up for an MLM. MLMs are not for everyone and some people have preconceptions about MLMs that become barriers to entry. Reaching out to the right set of potential downline members is imperative when trying to bring people into the business. The three sources of potential leads listed below represent your best prospects to increase your downline.

MLM Downline Genealogies

Downline genealogies can produce great MLM downline leads. An MLM genealogy is a list of names and contact information from those who have previously participated in an MLM. They already know what MLMs are. They have exhibited a willingness to invest in an MLM. They have probably financially benefitted from an MLM and are ready to once again invest in a new opportunity.

Since they have been somewhat prequalified, you can reach out to them and explain to them the new opportunity that you have joined. You don’t need the time overcoming objections to MLMs nor spend time going over the positive aspects of an MLM. You will spend time talking about the specific benefits and payouts of your new opportunity. You can close the deal quickly and move on to your next prospect.

Social Media

Social media produces more prospects at a lower price than any other form of media. You already have a social network of friends and family. They might be interested in your newest MLM or they might know someone who is. You don’t want to flood your contact list with MLM messages, but there is nothing wrong with making occasional postings about your MLM and how it has personally benefitted you.

Create a separate page for each MLM that you join. You might also come up with a Facebook ad for your MLM and you can limit the ad to your friends and friends of your friends. This keeps the ad limited in scope. It can be much more cost effective. Convert those who express interest in the MLM to your downline.

Reach Out to Your Downline

It’s easy to gloss over this. You can spend a lot of time building your downline personally or you can reach to those you have already brought into the MLM and help them build their own downline. As they build their downline, your downline is increasing as well. Talk to your downline members and encourage them to bring others on board.

Teach them how to use MLM downline genealogies and social media to increase their downline. Always be available to give advice on ways for them to be more effective. If you feel inadequate in providing this help, talk with members of your upline who have more MLM experience. They will be more than happy to help you become more effective.

By building your downline using these three ideas, you will increase your MLM earnings. You can build your confidence with a strong downline. You can take your downline with you to other MLM opportunities that you come across and see financial benefits for years to come.