Alliance in Motion
Alliance in Motion

Alliance in Motion is a global corporation that works in direct sales through MLM. There are three people at the head of the reigns for this company, and they are Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel, and John Asperin. They began their trek into this business in 2005. They wanted to be able to provide exceptional products and services into their market. At current, the company owns three units in AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, and they also have unites in Garnet & Sapphire Stats, and at Ortigas Center in Pasig City of the Philippines. This company works to make the most of their situation to benefit the Philippines as much as possible.

More to Know about Alliance in Motion

It is important to note that this company distributes some of the highest quality food supplements on the market. They are most known for working with their brand called Nature Way, USA. They also work with premium, blended beverages as well. Alliance in Motion is the only direct sales company that Nature Way, USA works with as an exclusive distributor for direct sales in the Philippines. It provides jobs and gives back to the community in this small country, too.

Top Ranked for a Reason

This company is considered one of the top rankings for its field, and it thoroughly believes in making direct sales happen through entrepreneurship. It has a marketing plan that can hardly be beaten, and it works on a dynamic “pro-distributor” mindset that has benefited thousands of other distributors around the world. This business has been provided with opportunities to give their distributors to gain some sort of financial independence, which allows a greater future for employees in those companies to do better by their families in the long run.

Previous Evidence of Greatness

In the past, Alliance in Motion has worked toward building a presence in three different branch offices. One is located in Cebu, and the others are located in Davao and General Santos City. Over 104 businesses center offices across the Philippines also has a branch of this company working in it. The company decided to go global a few years ago, so they now have offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Hawaii, Korea, and Dubai. They have also started with plans for offices in Nigeria and Ghana as well. In the next few months, offices will open in Macau, Malaysia, and Indonesia for more business to take place.

Why Pro-Distributor?

Alliance in Motion has made the distributor the heart of their business goals and vision. They have given a great deal back to the community in the Philippines in this way by making families the first priority in their offices and companies. At the same time, they have partnered with almost 300 schools, clinics, and hospitals across the nation. The goal here is to provide scholarships, especially for people to study medicine. They want to make sure that their families are aware of the education being available while knowing how to help people obtain it.

Top distributors are compensated for their hard work. They are rewarded with things like all-expenses paid travel incentives in order to keep them inspired. This method has proven beneficial to keep people moving toward excelling at direct sales service.

Concentrating on the Philippines

While there are many offices around the world for this company, their main focus remains on giving back to the Philippines. Since this country is where their home office is located, it is only natural that they would want to make sure that they give back to this community. As mentioned previously, Alliance in Motion has made sure to spend as many resources on educating people the best way that they can. It is theorized that this mindset is to eventually take control at each of the international offices, so the pro distributor model carries through to make people want to run their own business for the sake of taking care of their own people in their country.

Working a Ambassadors for the People

One of the ways that Alliance in Motion works in connection with the people is by treating their leaders and distributors as ambassadors from the company to the country. This mindset helps to produce positive news for the company in the eyes of the people. They want to make sure as much good news about health and prosperity as possible. They are also sure to link this reference back to the company and what it does for the country.

Mission Statement

Alliance in Motion’s statement is that they will always look for ways to improve the industry to help the business become more successful. Their methodology throughout this process is to make sure their statement and mission go hand in hand. They want to empower the world, encourage confidence, optimism, and happiness, and they want to create a sense of worth and distinction.

When it comes to having a great model of how to run a business, Alliance in Motion performs this task rather well. Their model of operations should be taken into account and used in other companies and countries in much the same way.