Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the privately held company ASEA, LLC produces patented consumer wellness and beauty products distributed through a direct sales and network marketing business model. This reportedly debt-free company owns and operates its own production facilities. In February, 2014, the company maintained a roster of approximately 30,000 active sales associates. Today the firm markets its product lines in 24 nations.

Company History

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia reports ASEA, LLC began when Verdis Norton, a company founder, decided to arrange for the purchase of patented technology developed by a publically traded firm, Medical Discoveries, Inc. (“MDI”) in 2007. MDI had patented a formulation with broad antimicrobial effects for medical purposes.

ASEA, INC modified this technology to develop new patented consumable products for the consumer products marketplace. The company subsequently organized as ASEA, LLC, a privately held limited liability corporation. It began recruiting initial sales associates during a “pre-launch” in 2009 and officially launched as a direct marketing company in 2010.

By 2013, the firm had grown in size significantly. It acquired its own FDA-registered production facility, a 33,000 square foot plant. In 2015, the company partnered with a testing laboratory based in North Carolina, BioAgilytix Labs. To maintain verified product quality, ASEA, LLC ships weekly product samples to the laboratory for a formal assay.

Reportedly, the company’s initial founders consisted of Verdis Norton, a former Kraft Foods Vice President, and two business co-founders, Tyler Norton and James Pack. Mr. Pack possessed extensive business experience in the communications field. They hired a research team which included physicist Gary Samuelson, Ph.D. Today, Charles Funke serves as the CEO, assisted by Executive Vice President Kurt Richards and President Jarom Webb.


The products marketed by ASEA, LLC use patented technology designed to re-created redox signaling molecules in a consumable form. Redox signaling molecules play an important role in cellular communications processes. Research studies indicates the number of redox signaling molecules decline in the body with advancing age.

The company markets bottled water infused with this material, Asea Redox Supplement. ASEA, LLC claims consuming this product will produce detectable changes in blood serum markers. It also recently began selling a line of skin care products designed to apply redox signaling markers topically to skin, Asea Renu 28 and Renu Advanced Skin Care, with the goal of rejuvenating aging skin by reducing wrinkles and wrinkle depth and improving skin moisture, elasticity and smoothness.

Business Opportunity

Direct Selling News listed ASEA as one of the leading 100 direct sales firms. The company conducts business internationally using a multi-level marketing structure. Sales associates receive compensation based upon the accumulation of personal sales volume points, and must maintain 100 points every month to remain eligible to receive commissions. As they increase their total organizational sales volumes, they rise in executive rank from Bronze, to Silver, Gold and, finally, Platinum status.

The company lists seven ways for its business associates to earn income. These include earning commissions on retail sales and participating in a portion of a tiered bonus pool. ASEA,LLC provides qualified executives with an opportunity to receive check matching on the sales of personally recruited Associates and their personally sponsored Associates for seven levels. Additionally, special promotions provide a chance to win trips and other sales incentives.

A Successful Enterprise

With brands calculated to appeal to an aging Baby Boomer demographic, ASEA, LLC appears well situated to benefit from increasing consumer interest in anti-aging products during the next few years. The company has expanded in size and developed some in-demand product lines.


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