How many times have you searched for an MLM company on Google and seen headlines like, “Herbalife Review – Is it a good business opportunity”, or “NuSkin, legit company, or scam?”. If you are researching any Multi-level company as part of your due diligence before joining a business opportunity, stay away from these types of fake reviews.

Numerous unscrupulous internet marketing scammers have been trained by members of companies like Wealthy Affiliates, Empower Network, and MLSP to build websites and content around fake reviews designed to rank in Google for MLM brand names.

Here is how the scheme works:

  1. Identify an MLM brand name
  2. Write a fake review with a salacious headline
  3. While admitting the company is legitimate in blog post, tell reader that you can help them get more leads for their MLM business (a lie)
  4. Attempt to recruit reader into an internet based scam business with “virtual” products

Here is a perfect example of this scheme in use:

Let’s say you search for the company Kyani and you see this in the search results…

Fake Kyani Reviews

When you go to this site, you might be thinking – “hey, I really want to know if this Kyani company is legit.” Except when you go to this page, it turns into a bait and switch. This guy Jessie Singh explains how Kyani is a legitimate company by posting facts and data that is easily pulled from Google search results. Product prices, Alexa ranking etc, nothing really that informative. Then he goes on to say, “Overall, the company is legit and is far from a scam…“. Well duh. Anyone could have told you that. That was the bait,

That was the bait, now the switch…

Jesse spends the next few hundred words bashing multi-level marketing business model as a failure due to a lack of training and motivation. To solve this problem, he has this super secret solution that will make you successful in your (insert MLM company name here) business.

So what exactly does Jesse Singh of sell?

In his own words:

It’s.. “a University level education on building a business online with tools/marketing materials to promote this system.

In a way, YOU are not selling anything, you will be driving traffic which will be taught in the system.

It’s not like you will be calling anyone or meeting people.

It’s all online.”

What the hell is a “University level education on building a business”? Is that like a college degree from an accredited university? Nope. Perhaps, it is a training program that this Jesse guy just made up and used the word “University” to make it sound legit. This may appear to be very shady indeed.

Like many self-professed “Internet Marketing Experts”, Jesse has found the secret to success is selling you the secret in easy monthly installments. Of course for the whole package, you may end up spending thousands of your own money to learn everything he wants to sell you. None of this had anything to do with Kyani or any other MLM business. This looks like a total scam initiated by a fake review.