Five Fast Growing MLMs

Why You Should Consider Joining a Multi-level Marketing Program

The rise of the internet has led to the growth of more opportunities across the globe. Multi-level marketing is one of the results of this.

Multi-level marketing is simply working together with existing distributors in agreement that they get a percentage once they recruit other sales people. For some, they have a lifetime effect where they continuously get a percentage of their recruits’ sales. Therefore, success in the business as an MLM agent would mean getting more recruits.

But why should you consider joining one? For a start, it is a great opportunity to earn some passive income, bearing in mind that you earn some percentage of your recruits’ sales. Also, it offers a platform for you to meet with a couple of people who you can network and venture into other businesses.

So, where do you start? The following are some of fast growing multi-level marketing (MLMs) that have a reputable history since formation.

  • Avon Products
    For over 120 years, Avon has been providing the best beauty products for most of the people in North America. The aim of the company was to invoke change in the beauty product industry by bringing much more elegant and affordable products. Over time, Avon introduced MLM in their program. Once put into effect, it experienced a tremendous upward growth. Common buyers started buying in bulk and looking for the market from their friends to family members. According to their annual sales report in 2013, the company had earned over $10 billion in sales that was as a result of multi-level marketing.
  • Amway
    Amway is an Australian MLM company that started in 1959 in the USA. It is well known for its beauty and home care products. The company later spread across different countries such as Australia in 1977. After a lot of consultation with the board of directors, Amyway decided to form a Multi-level marketing program.Currently, the company sells over 3 million products and services. A small company founded by friendship has now grown to a tune of $11.8 billion in sales by the end of 2013. All of this was attributed to hard work and diligence from its MLM program.
  • Herbal life
    After the death of Mark Hughes’ mother who was suffering from eating disorder, Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbal life, ventured into creating herbal development management program. Mark had a vision of reducing the number of deaths caused by eating disorders, which were rampant in the States. In 1981, he sold his first weight management product.In recent times, herbal life introduced an MLM business model that would see it scale to higher heights. As much as many argue that the business model is similar to that of a pyramid scheme, it is not. The company provides the same opportunity to its sales people. Therefore, the amount of money earned by each sales person is dependent on the number of sales and the number of recruits brought in.
  • Kyani
    Kyani, another multi-level company, has grown over time to be a known source of drugs that are good for body building and in particular cell repair. The company sells products that are associated with help and improving one’s body.Like the listed companies, Kyani has grown over the years and proven to be a world class multi-level company with a significant increase in sales.
  • Morinda Bioactives
    Formed in the Spring of 1996, Morinda Holdings has nearly made over $500 million in sales. Morinda, like other mentioned MLMs, has built their company using MLMs strategies. Their business involves selling medical drugs that treat cure and prevents diseases. Their supplements are recognized univers

ally as supplements that are good for the body.

Multi-level marketing company’s success story can only remain a story if salespeople lack the consistency and effort of driving sales and recruiting new sales people. Bear in mind; your success strongly depends on your commitment to the job. Change the strategy, and you’ll see MLM are not scams.