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Forever Living

Nature often provides the key to healing many of our bodily ailments, complaints, and nuisances. So many other companies seek to create solutions in a lab instead of tapping into all that is naturally occurring and fruitful. For Forever Living, the dream of creating products that improve and enrich people’s health started more than 30 years ago. So abundant in Arizona’s climate is aloe. They took this salubrious powerhouse and made a business out of its benefits. They tapped into the area’s need for all natural honey. Honey that was created with the pollen of local plant life that could be cultivated into a commodity that they would bring into their own homes. The spectrum of their products is wide, but everything is rooted in the ethos of natural health benefits.

Thinking of the Environment

Forever Living made it an integral part of their business values to not only distribute their products, but they also grow and manufacture their products. They then took that organic component and created premium products for both health and beauty. As nature is deeply rooted in the business, so too is being economical in every sense of the word. Forever Living strives to be excess waste free, to be air purifying kingpins (with over 50 million aloe plants that filter 2 million tons of CO2 per year), and above all to be environmentally conscious in all things.

What Products do they Offer

Forever Livings offers a broad spectrum of health related items. Their honey items range from locally pollenated honey to pollen capsules to royal jelly tablets. The honey itself is delicious, but their other products have added benefits like immune system boosting or increasing energy levels.

Perhaps what they are most famous for is their aloe infused items. This is also their most diverse area because the range of aloe products is expansive. From aloe infused shampoos and conditioners to moisturizers to cosmetic items (lipstick, BB cremes, etc.), they truly have brought the benefits of aloe to as many products as possible.

So critical in everyones’ homes are access to holistic methods of health triage. Because of this, Forever Living has a line of essential oils as well as diffusers. Having these as an option for families to have in their homes offer endless benefits without having to use harsher, traditional methods of health care.

Not wanting to leave any stoned unturned as far as their customer’s health goes, they also developed a health supplement line. These extend from protein powders to protein bars. From probiotic capsules to daily multivitamins. From visions vitamins to garlic supplements. Forever Living has genuinely provided access to almost every type of health and beauty item that a person may need to ensure they lead a natural and healthy life.

Business Opportunities

As a way to try and get their products to as many people as possible, Forever Living developed a plan to allow individually contracted people to sell and distribute their line of items. Built within the model is support offered through their website, but also access to people who have distributed for the company for years.

For Forever Living, creating and distributing products that are of a caliber above other companies is an integral part of what they hold most dear about their business. It is a core value that they want to share with as many people as possible via their distributors. Their ideology has been permeating the industry since its conception in 1978 and there is no sign of them slowing.

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