Herbalife – Nutrition with a Passion
Herbalife – Nutrition with a Passion

Herbalife was started as a small entrepreneurial adventure by Mark Hughes in 1980. Opening up the trunk of his car to Los Angeles residents, Mark sells the first Herbalife formula package to get his venture off and running. A year later, Mark would share his story with others at a National Convention, opening up the opportunity for others to join him on this journey. Over 35 have passed and Herbalife remains the gold standard in both nutrition expertise and business ventures alike.

Herbalife has released products ranging from nutritional staples to skin care applicants. The business continues to strive upon the goal of creating structured nutritional packages that provide the user with products they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. To say that this is a lifestyle brand would be an understatement; this is a lifetime brand that continues to help individuals reach their goals on both nutritional perspectives and entrepreneurial ventures.

Below we’ll detail some of the products carried by this brand and discuss the business ventures one can opt for with this revolutionary company.

Herbalife Products

Herbalife has built a structured company around the source of introducing many different products, with one common goal: supplementing a healthy lifestyle. This has helped create the science behind singular products and programmed supplies. The best-selling singular products come from the supplement varieties. They surround key areas of concern for the individual such as aging, immune system support, and other such key areas of a daily nutritional routine. For example, immune system support comes with a supplement called Garden 7. This phytonutrient helps users gain increased amounts of nutrients and antioxidants one would find in fruits and vegetables. It is often difficult to obtain the correct amounts of these elements from food alone, so this supplement can be tailored to those who struggle to reach desired intake levels.

A healthy individual usually looks to supplement their diet with healthy foods and power foods to add muscle, lose body fat, and obtain a lean look. This is where the flagship product, Formula 1, enters the picture. Formula 1 is a weight management and pro-nutrition supplement that comes in powder form. Mix with water or milk and you will obtain 21 different essential vitamins and nutrients. Each serving comes with 9 grams of protein and 0 grams of cholesterol and trans fats, meaning it supports a healthy diet for shedding weight, and provides protein for those looking to strengthen muscle cores. The dosages help support balanced nutrition while adding the necessary protein intakes.

As we age, our joints and bones will weaken. Our fluid functioning becomes slowed, due to higher levels of inactivity. While this is completely involuntary, there are support measures that can be added to help fight these concerns. Joint Support Advanced is an anti-aging and support supplement provided by Herbalife. It works to create more fluent motions in your joints by upping the levels of glucosamine intake. It also includes increases in manganese and copper, two elements that are difficult to obtain from foods alone. It also increases the levels of positive antioxidants, which help both your skin and body fight signs of aging. It is a complete supplement that holds more than one benefit to the user, a staple at Herbalife.

Herbalife has also dabbled in the skin care area. Products such as Herbalife Clarify Cleanser, Herbalife Collagen Beauty Booster, and Herbalife SKIN Acne Cleanser help create a short-list of products offered in this space.

Herbalife has also thrived off the notion of creating programs for users. Most users looking to shed weight, obtain a healthy diet, or clear up oily skin need an established time frame for results. Most singular products cannot stand alone to provide this unconditional support, so adding extra elements to complete the system allow for a user to benefit greatly. All of the previously mentioned products are included in these revolutionary product lines are carried within these programs, so finding one that suits your needs will be no problem.

Business Opportunities

While Mark may have had his fair share of struggles early on, he helped build a product with brand recognition that people have come to know and love. Mark wanted to spread his success with users and business opportunities alike. Herbalife climbed to just over $4.5 billion in net sales in 2015, leaving no mystery behind the success of distributors. Mark helped shape the company, but it is the motivation and positive attitude of Herbalife employees and sales reps that keep the name selling strong.

To become a distributor, the seller need not have any previous distribution history. Everyday people, like you and I, can partner with this revolutionary company to keep the name alive and well. The individual must host a positive attitude and a motivation to supply others with potential success stories and life changing packages. The business model is transparent in nature, meaning there are no holes or hoops to jump through when starting. The distribution supply comes with a money back guarantee for those not wishing to continue on with the company. This leaves a blank slate for those looking to carry the Herbalife brand. There is nothing to hold you back, in fact, there are rewards for selling at a high rate or gaining a loyal customer base.

Climbing the ladder is also possible with Herbalife business ventures. The brand is publicly traded on the NYSE, and gaining your individual cut from royalties and global sales numbers is also a benefit you stand to gain. The most successful suppliers are the ones who keep a positive outlook on life or those who have featured results from Herbalife products. Get your start with a brand to life by and see, first-hand, how it can change your health and income over a short period of time.

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