How Does Kyani Compensation Plan Work
How Does Kyani Compensation Plan Work

Like any MLM, there are hoops to jump through and sales to be made before you start making money with Kyani. However, unlike other MLMs, Kyani prides itself in having the best compensation plan available. We did a lot of research and digging to put that statement to the test. Keep reading to find out just how the Kyani compensation plan works so you can decide if it is the right fit for you.

Plan Overview

In a nutshell, here is how you make money at an MLM:

  1. Sell Products
  2. Get Other People To Sell Products

That is the basic formula at Kyani as well, but there are several other “bonuses” available to those who continue to sell and recruit others to sell. There are different ranks you can achieve with associated pay increases, team bonuses, and even a car payment program.

Kyani Ranks
When you start selling Kyani, you start out as a Qualified Distributor. Then as you continue to grow your business, you increase your ranking as follows:

  • Garnet
  • Jade
  • Pearl
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Green Diamond
  • Purple Diamond
  • Red Diamond
  • Double Red Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Double Black Diamond

CV and QV
Different products carry different values, both monetarily and in terms of bonuses. The two terms you will have to know if you join an MLM are CV and QV. CV stands for commissionable volume. It goes towards the bonuses you can earn. QV stands for qualifying volume. You have to earn QV regularly in order to even be considered a distributor. You have to have at least 150QV each month, but the more QV you earn, the higher your rank and the more money you make. The more CV you earn, the more bonuses. Each of the Kyani products has a label for CV or QV when you are logged in as a distributor.

Profit On Products Sold
As a distributor you get wholesale pricing on every product. That way when you sell products to customers at regular price, you get to keep the profit. Let’s use Kyani’s flagship product, The Triangle of Health (1 month supply) as an example. As a regular customer, you would pay $107.95. For distributors, the one month supply of The Triangle of Health is $97.95. You would then profit that $10 if one of your customers purchased this product.

QV on Products
Using the Triangle of Health product as an example still, let’s say you sold one to a customer. You would also accrue the QV on that product. For this example, you would profit $10 and you would earn 38 QV.

CV on Products
You also earn CV on products. When your customers buy products from you, you get 60% of the CV. So if one of your customers has an order with 25 CV, that is a $15 profit for you, on top of the profit you get to keep.

Profit On Team Building
As you recruit others to sell Kyani products with you, your team begins to grow and develop. Each person you bring on begins to develop their own relationships and grow their own team. These are called “legs.” As each of these legs develop, you begin to create a significant downline. You make a percentage of the profit on the products sold in your downline and you earn rewards as you grow your team and as they grow theirs.

Let’s say you have been selling enough products each month to hit the 150QV each month. Or in other words, you have been selling five, 1-month supply of Triangle of Health. And let’s say you have a total of 10 people in your downline also selling their 150QV each month. That alone would move you up 1 rank to Garnet.

Bonuses Available

Kyani has several bonuses available. In fact, they have so many that it took a team of us to figure out how it all worked together and even then, it’s still confusing! In addition to the profits you earn on products, they have the following bonuses:

  • Team Bonus
    Bonus earned when someone joins the team
  • Generation Check Match
    You get a percentage of the PayGate Bonus in your downline
  • Fast Start
    Reach the Jade rank within 2 months and get $1000
  • Rank Bonus
    Once you hit a certain rank, if you maintain it for the minimum number of months, you will earn a bonus. For Double Black Diamond, it is $1,000,000.
  • Monthly PayGate Bonus
    Residual Income on monthly CV in placement tree
  • Customer Pool
    If you have enough CV (400CV), your CV gets put into a pool with everyone else who earned more than 400 CV. Depending on how much you contributed determines the percentage that you earned.
  • Prime Bonus
    You get a commission on every one of your customers that signs up for Prime membership
  • Dream Car Bonus
    At a certain rank, you qualify to receive monthly payments to go towards the Dream Car of your choice.

Final Answer

Kyani definitely has more bonus options available compared to the other MLMs we have studied. Their profit margin is comparable to other MLMs in regards to their products. When you factor in all bonuses available, Kyani may have the most lucrative compensation plan, but there are not many people who have been able to reach each bonus. That being said, our opinion is that the Kyani compensation plan should not be the deciding factor on whether you want to join this MLM. Your deciding factor should be focused around your belief in and ability to sell the products.