How Does Kyani Compensation Plan Work
How Does Kyani Compensation Plan Work

Not every MLM offers a car incentive, and very few have the level of contribution that Kyani does. You’ve seen the Mercedes, BMWs, and even the Lambo’s at convention or on the company’s Vimeo channel. Whether you are thinking about becoming a Kyani distributor or if you are already on your way to earning your dream car, there’s no doubt you’ve already set your sights on the car you want. But before you head to the dealership of your choice, make sure that you are eligible for the dream car program!

You can always read the official rules and regulations for your country by logging into your backoffice. This article will give you a rough idea of how the program works in the USA. Keep in mind that the most up to date information will be available through Kyani corporate as the details of the car program can change.

Kyäni Dream Car Drivers – Vegas 2014 from Kyäni Video on Vimeo.


There are 3 levels of the car program: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Each one has specific numbers you need to hit and if you hit them, Kyani puts a good chunk of change towards your down payment and covers your monthly payment for a whole year. After the first year, your numbers will be reviewed again and if you hit the quote, Kyani will pay your payments for two more years depending on your performance.

How To Qualify For A Kyani Dream Car


First, you have to rank as a Sapphire or above. Each level above Sapphire has a different payout. As you grow within the company, Kyani’s Dream Car payment grows too. We’ll get into the specific amounts soon.


You need a personal CV of at least 100QV each month.


You need to go to one Kyani convention or training each year. Which should be easy since there are conventions throughout the year!

Car Approval

The next part is the fun part. You pick the car you want and send the details over to corporate to approve. Why? Well they are putting their logo on it. So the car better look good! Putting a Kyani logo on a Civic doesn’t make any sense. Once your car has been approved, then you are good to go. The paperwork is completed for your purchase or lease and Kyani takes care of the down payment and first year of payments.

Kyäni Dream Car Drivers – Vegas 2014 from Kyäni Video on Vimeo.

Payments Made By Kyani During First Year

Once you have qualified for the program and picked out your car, you can submit the necessary paperwork to Kyani to make it official. The first payment you receive is your down payment. After that you start to receive your monthly car payment. Keep in mind that once you have qualified for the program you have to continue to meet your quota in order to remain qualified for the Dream Car Program. After your fourth month in the program, Kyani looks at your current Paid-As rank to see what rank you have hit for the and adjusts their payment to you accordingly. If you achieve a higher rank for at least 3 out of 5 consecutive months, your payment goes up.

Here is a breakdown of the payments that Kyani makes each month towards your dream car, depending on your Paid-As rank.

Down Payment

  • Sapphire Level: $1000
  • Diamond Level: $4000

Monthly Payment for First Three Months

  • Sapphire Level: $500/month
  • Diamond Level: $1200/month

Monthly Payment for Month 4+

  • Sapphire: $500/month
  • Ruby: $700/month
  • Emerald: $900/month
  • Diamond: $1200/month
  • Blue Diamond: $1800/month
  • Green Diamond: $2500/month
  • Purple Diamond: $3500/month
  • Red Diamond: $5000/month
  • Double Red Diamond: $7500/month
  • Black Diamond: $10000/month

If you have any other questions about the Dream Car Program, just log into your backoffice account to view your current standing with the program or how far away you are from qualifying. You can read the specific details about the program as well.