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Whenever I look to try a new restaurant, mechanic, hotel or, well, anything new, I always look at the user reviews for that business. I typically search for reviews left on reputable and verifiable sources such as Google or Yelp as they are usually the most honest and insightful.

Recently I was presented with an opportunity to become part of a network marketing or MLM company. As most are, I was highly skeptical about the industry as a whole since it has come under fire for false claims in the case of Herbalife. The company that I was being offered a part in was Kyani – a health and wellness network marketing company now offering skincare products.

After the presentation I attended, I decided I would look at reviews of the Kyani products and overall business before I made any further decisions.

When I searched for reviews on the company and their products I was not surprised to find quite a few negative reviews. I quickly realized that most of these are angered past customers or distributors faulting the business for their lack of success. One review on Google said “Just a mlm scheme to rip people off.”

Another said that shipping was way too high. As with many businesses, it is not possible to keep every customer happy. If the biggest complaints I could see were high shipping and an accusation of a scheme from someone without a basic understanding of grammar, I was feeling rather confident.

I continued in my search of reviews, this time looking for reviews of the products and discovered that on the official verified Yelp page for Kyani there were only two reviews.

This sends mixed signals to me. For one thing, the two reviews were horrible, stating that the company “does not honor their own terms and conditions” as well as the invitation to “read the better business bureau complaints.” On the other hand, though, I had to wonder why there were not good reviews. It is very typical for customers to only write a review when something horribly wrong occurs or something above and beyond the customer’s expectations.

I further search for reviews of Kyani and their products unearthed reviews stating that the products were the “best products ever,” and that “all products are top quality and absolutely amazing.” The business received a review stating it was “state of the art, cutting-edge technology that is simply amazing” from an individual who has been with Kyani for only 12 months.

I arrived at two clear conclusions after reading all of these Kyani reviews. First, with the small number of existing Kyani product reviews that exist, it is hard to arrive at a completely informed decision regarding the legitimacy of Kyani and its products. So, I am just going to try their products for myself to learn more. And second, the MLM industry as a whole is really not for everyone. However, participating in an MLM solely for the products is something that is just not for me.