Kyäni: Wellness Simplified - Kyäni Triangle of Health

Kyäni: Wellness Simplified - Kyäni Triangle of Health

Kyäni, Inc. helps people restore wellness with extremely concentrated nutritional supplements that are rich in superfoods from the Alaskan wild.

Kyäni takes its name from the Native Alaskan word for “strong medicine,” which represents both the inspiration behind the company and its purpose to help people improve their health naturally through this potent collection of superfood supplements. Kyäni’s founding families, the Hansens, and Taylors, now offer a three-product package called the “Health Triangle” that has all the extra nutrition needed to help clients increase their energy levels and develop a more robust immune system to feel great.

Anyone who suffers from ongoing illnesses usually requires a better diet to improve their symptoms. That’s where these natural food supplements come in to help treat the most common nutritional deficiencies. Kyäni’s remedies improve many different conditions, including some of the following symptoms:

  • inflammation
  • blood-sugar imbalances
  • lethargy
  • poor digestion
  • low quality of sleep

Approved and monitored by the U.S. Direct Selling Association for independent sellers, Kyäni has support offices in a total of 55 countries as of 2016 with its headquarters in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Kyäni opened in 2005 to sell their high-quality, all-natural food supplements through a direct-seller chain that empowers team members to become entrepreneurs.

Kyäni has three excellent products:

Since Alaska is home to some of the harshest winters on Earth, only the hardiest plants can endure here. A little-known Alaskan superfood that’s especially nutrient-dense is the wild Alaskan blueberry, which has five times the concentration of antioxidants as a conventional American blueberry.

For this reason, the wild Alaskan blueberry became the key ingredient for the flagship product: Kyäni Sunrise. This liquid supplement comes in a one month’s supply of 30 pouches of one ounce each. Each serving, normally taken in the morning, contains wild Alaskan blueberry and 22 additional superfoods like goji berries, pomegranate juice extract, ginseng, gooseberries and much more.

Kyäni Sunset comes in a pill form that’s ideal to take in the evenings. It contains perhaps the strongest source of vitamin E as tocotrienols along with omega-3s from wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, vitamin A and vitamin D. This blend enhances relaxation for better sleep and absorption of vital minerals to help you rejuvenate all the tissues in your body.

Kyäni Nitro, Nitro FX and NitroXtreme provide you with an ample supply of nitric oxide, which promotes heart health and can help raise your stamina during workouts or other stressful daily activities. Nitro supplements also feature noni berries and critical minerals for better mental clarity too, such as zinc, niacin, magnesium, and chromium.

Today, Kyäni’s powerful Triangle of Health collection of dietary rejuvenators supplement a healthy diet and provides nutritional wellness to millions of people throughout the world.

Here’s what customers have to say about what Kyäni has done for them:

Wei Xue of Tampa, Florida was so grateful that due to Kyäni’s supplements, “we sleep better, feel more energetic, and my allergies are gone. My friend had diabetes for 18 years. Then after he used the products for two weeks, his blood-sugar level has dropped from 150 to 109. Now after 3 months, it stays at 105.”

Rob from Dallas, Texas points out that these “products work. They have helped me personally with my blood pressure. They’ve helped my parents with their health as well –more energy, better sleep, and digestive system.”

A.J. Garcia from Grapevine, Texas shared that because of Kyäni, “I no longer have high cholesterol, and my energy is great considering I have hypothyroid — Never felt better.”

Alex from Denton Texas says that:
“My mental clarity and energy levels have increased, and my sleep has improved.”

Kyäni offers many business opportunities.

Anyone is welcome to become a Kyäni distributor and start earning money on every purchase that someone in your personal network makes. As with all marketing opportunities, you earn more as you sell more. The good news is that Kyäni products work so well that they are well-worth sharing and talking about, which makes them very easy to sell. Kyäni offers helpful tools for their distributors to sell online with a convenient mobile app, social media platforms, and online marketing tools to kickstart your business. The commission bonuses are higher than most other direct-selling companies, and startup fees are quite minimal. Customer-service representatives assist sellers at every step as needed. Even better, Kyäni hosts monthly training seminars throughout the country where you can get pointers straight from other higher-level distributors.

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