Making that First Call - Building Your Business one Contact at a Time

The opportunity to make money in the multi-level marketing industry is vast and growing. MLM distributors can seize the opportunity to build a residual income by building their downline through direct sales. However, direct sales mean direct contact, and this is where many people get nervous. The fear of making that first phone call can be a daunting challenge to some, but here are three solid ways of overcoming it.

Realize Cold Calling is a Good Thing

Making cold calls to prospects can seem like one of the negative aspects of network marketing, but it is really a positive one. If you are working off of a list of sales leads then you have the advantage of not being in business with the person you are calling. If they say no, you lose no business and can move on to the next person.

Rejection Won’t Kill You

All people fear rejection to an extent, but it is important to remember that rejection is not personal. Turn that fear of rejection around by realizing that you are offering an opportunity of real value to people. You aren’t pestering them, but inviting them to take part in something of massive benefit to their lives. Take ten deep breaths before each call, and realize that no matter what happens, you will be completely unharmed at the end of it.

The Numbers are Just Numbers

Do not focus on the numbers at first. Yes, knowing your percentages and how many people that you call will take action, and how many of those will enroll in your business is great information to have, but save that for later. If you sit down to make that first call and realize that 90% or 95% of the people you call will never do anything, and only a small percentage of those will say yes, then it’s easy to just say “Why bother?” and give up. Don’t let yourself give up before you even begin.

When it comes to network marketing, making the first call is the most important of all the calls you will ever make. Don’t worry about how it will turn out or about having the pitch down perfect or making a mistake. Realize the tremendous opportunity you are offering and let that shine through in the first call, and before you know it you will be making your second, third, and many others as you grow your business.