The MLM Social Media Trap
The MLM Social Media Trap

Most family and friends who are on our social media are not interested in getting spammed with constant advertising about goods and services, so they will tend to unfollow your thread and even go as far as to block you completely.

For an MLM distributor who wants to build a business and use social media to create new contacts, there are things to avoid doing if you don’t want this to happen to you and ways to think out of the marketing box to be a successful MLM distributor.

Don’t Be a Content Bore

Sometimes it is not the quantity of information you share but the quality of it that turns people off. There is hardly anyone who is interested in reading about a product or service if it appears to be copied and pasted content from some template that you put together and keep using over and over. Think about it: anyone on your social media sites will look at their thread more than 50 times daily. If you keep feeding the same content to them about your company, they will not only ignore it, but they will probably start blocking the thread at some point.
So, have content threads that are different for each platform (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram), and then change each one weekly or bi-weekly depending on the product or service that you sell. Your friends and family will probably look for them if you do this because their interest will be piqued knowing that there will be new content coming soon.

Watch Your Marketing Tone

It’s not just important to change your messaging from time to time, but the tone of the content to your audience is even more important. Anyone reading something on social media will know within the first sentence or two if the company that posted it even cares about them or just about selling something to them. This is especially important on social media platforms where a company can quickly be labeled as self-promoting and uncaring to the consumers they want to attract.

That means you might have to do some quick, easy, and free surveys online to get the attention of your potential customers. You can go to a site like, open a free account, and create a quick survey about your products and services that ask the social media audience how they would use the product, what they like about the product, and would they recommend the product to their family and friends. Then ask them to share their email addresses and send the link to the survey to their family and friends. Simply put, this will make them feel the love from you and possibly generate more potential customers.


An alternative to constantly posting sales pitches on your social media links to blogs that either you have written or you have hired someone else to write about your products and services. This means that the preview link must have an enticing statement that will get them to click on it. So, make the statement leading into the link mysterious enough to hook them in but interesting enough to their needs to click on it.

When they arrive at the blog, give them an opportunity to give their email address and to also be able to click on a link to your website at the end of the blog post. If they made it that far into the content, then they are interested in knowing more about your product or service. You can even include an opportunity for them to begin a conversation thread or forum.


Another way to entice people on social media to know more about your products and services without blasting them with tons of spam is to invite them to listen to a podcast about what you offer. This can either be something that you start on your own and do on a monthly or weekly basis or you can Google your product or service category plus the word “podcast.” Then, choose a podcast that suits your business and contact them and set up a guest spot on their show.

Podcasters are always looking for people to interview as experts. Create a “pitch” about your product and email it to them. Once you have confirmed a spot on the podcast, all you have to do is provide a link on your social media announcing the event to your friends and family.

You can even entice them with a giveaway on the podcast like discussing a trade show or other event you may be doing that will have some sort of prize that they can win if they show up and stop at your booth. This will not only generate potential customers to your event, but it will get people on social media talking about your products and services without blasting them with unwanted advertising every other day.

Practicing just these few unique social media marketing strategies will avoid losing friends and family on your social media to your advertising spam and potentially generate sales and more new contacts and friends to your business.