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Nerium is a growing business that develops and distributes anti-aging skin care products. The company’s headquarters are located in Addison, Texas. Nerium has received many awards for its charitable work, its growth, and its corporate culture. Its products and achievements are consistently featured in both traditional print and social media.

History and Growth
Nerium opened its doors in August 2011. The company started with only 13 employees and a single product. Nerium expanded quickly and earned $100 million in revenue in its first full year of business. The company also received some recognition in 2012, including a Bravo Award for its fast growth.

In 2013, Nerium doubled its revenue to $200 million and expanded its corporate workforce to over 200 employees. In that same year, the company also introduced new products and ramped up its charity work. After just one more year, Nerium once again doubled its revenue as it expanded into Canada and Mexico.

Nerium has continued to grow since then. It has launched more products and opened up shop in South Korea. It also received several awards in 2015, including recognition for being one of the best places to work in the Dallas area.

Nerium markets effective skin creams for combating the signs of aging. The company takes research done by top scientists and turns these into real world results when it develops its products. Nerium holds an exclusive patent to an extract called NAE-8, which is found in all of the company’s skincare products. This extract was developed from the oleander and aloe vera plants, and it acts as a powerful antioxidant that triggers cell renewal. Nerium’s first product was its Age Defying Night Cream, and it has since expanded its offerings to a daytime cream and several other anti-aging skin treatments.

There is also a health supplement that Nerium has researched and developed. This product promotes brain function and memory. It is the only supplement that contains the patented EHT molecule, which comes from the coffee plant.

Philanthropy and Media
Nerium is known for its charitable work with Big Brothers Big Sisters. It received a Community Impact Award from this organization in 2013 for raising over $500,000 that year. Fundraising doubled to $1 million the next year, and Big Brothers Big Sisters awarded its highest honor to Nerium in 2015.

Nerium has an active presence on several social media outlets. The company interacts with its customers through all of these channels:

In addition to its social media presence, Nerium does public outreach by producing its own magazine and blog called “Live Happy.” This inspirational lifestyle publication is free for the company’s preferred customers and brand partners. The company and its products have also been featured in several other well-known blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

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