Origami Owl - Truly Personal Fashion
Origami Owl - Truly Personal Fashion

Jewelry that Tells a Story

A woman’s choice in accessories is one of the most personal touches she can add to her look. With Origami Owl, you can design an accessory that tells your story and change it as much as you want!

Origami Owl’s main product, the Living Locket, is a modern twist on a classic piece of jewelry. Beautiful lockets in all shapes, styles, and finishes, open up to store a variety of charms. The clear centers of each locket allow others to see the charms inside, sharing your personal style. Charms can be added and removed limitlessly, allowing you to make a custom look for every day of the year.

Want more than just a necklace? Origami Owl also offers watches, bracelets, and rings that work just like a Living Locket. More than that, Origami Owl has a full line of earrings, chains, and engravable accessories.

There are more than 350 charms to choose from to make your Living Locket come to life. Do you love to travel? Grab a passport charm. Are your kids sports stars? Pick the charms that represent each of their sports. Do you need an upscale look for a night out? Fill your locket with Swarovski birthstones and crystals.

Humble Beginnings

Origami Owl is now a multi-million dollar company supported by a team of over 60,000 independent designers, but in 2010, it was just a teenage girl’s dream. Founder Bella Weems, then 14, had her eye on her first car, but her parents made it clear she would need to earn the money to purchase it herself. With their help, Bella began to create and sell the first Living Lockets.

Working side by side with her mother Chrissy, Bella’s big idea grew from sales to friends and family to a mall kiosk, and in 2011, a six-figure direct sales company. Origami Owl is more than a paycheck to Bella, who sees the opportunity to give back. The company’s mission “is to be a force for good; to love + inspire + motive people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.” To help them reach others, Origami Owl offers the Force for Good line of charms; 100% of the profits from sales of Force for Good products goes directly to charities.

Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

The Origami Owl business plan is simple – jumpstart your business by helping customers purchase their customized jewelry through in-home Jewelry Bars and online sales, inspire customers to start their own businesses, and become a company leader teaching your new team members to inspire others.

Independent Designers earn 20-50% commissions on all jewelry sales. As they begin to grow their personal sales and sponsor new Designers, they receive bonuses of 3-9% of their team’s sales. On top of their income, Designers have opportunities to earn free jewelry, reward trips, and incentives in recognition of their work and success.

Financial rewards are important, but Origami Owl offers so much more to Designers. The direct sales model supports a Designer’s personal development, helping women build confidence, reach goals, and feel successful. Designers will meet new friends, develop leadership skills, and give back to their communities.

Independent Designers must be age 18 or older, but Origami Owl recognizes the importance of supporting teenagers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Based on the partnership between Bella and Chrissy that started Origami Owl, the Owlette duo program allows 11-17 year olds to partner with a parent or other adult Designer. The Owlette works with her partner to grow their independent business, build her own personal skills, and set herself up for adult successes, all while earning income and free jewelry.

Starting a business as an Independent Designer begins with selecting a starter kit. Each kit comes with the business tools and supplies necessary to start earning at the Designer’s first Jewelry Bar – Take Out Menus (catalogs), order forms, invitations, thank you cards, and more! Kits also come with jewelry inventory that can be used for demonstrations as well as sold to earn commission. You decide the size of the inventory and price of the kit you’d like to get started with.
Now That’s Happy Kit – contains 12 inventory pieces and costs $99
Must Haves Kit – contains 104 inventory pieces and costs $199
All In Kit – contains 233 inventory pieces and costs $399

If you already know an Origami Owl Designer, you can select her to be your Mentor. If not, Origami Owl will assign you a mentor so you never have to navigate starting your business alone.

A Fashionable Opportunity

Whether you’re a customer looking for a new way to express yourself or a motivated woman looking for a way to make more income on your own terms, Origami Owl offers an opportunity to look great and have fun.