Rodan + Fields: Decide Today How Tomorrow Looks

Rodan + Fields: Decide Today How Tomorrow Looks

Could Rodan + Fields Improve Your Skin As Well As Make You Financially Independent?

Everyone wants healthy skin, and there are countless skincare companies out there that vie for your attention to help you achieve that goal. But two Stanford trained dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields — the pair behind the immensely successful Proactiv skincare line — have been busy building a unique brand of premium anti-aging skincare products, called Rodan + Fields. The company has, since 2002, become one of the fastest growing and most successful lines of skincare products in America.

The two doctors’ original mission for Rodan + Fields was better-looking, healthier skin for all. But after initially selling their skincare products through department stores, they realized that word-of-mouth recommendations were far more effective at spreading the word about their new brand. They embarked on an innovative approach to selling their products, an evolution of the old multi-level marketing strategy, called “community commerce”. This term refers to the fading relevance of department stores, the growth of social media platforms, the trend towards a more entrepreneurial mindset in the U.S., and the huge and growing demand for quality skincare products.

Rodan + Fields uses independent consultants, as the company calls them, to visit clients’ homes and discuss and recommend one of four skincare packages. These consultants are entrepreneurs who are passionate about Rodan + Fields’ products and who recommend and sell the company’s skincare products in their communities. These consultants also recruit and sign up other enterprising men and women to work with them and share in the profits. The initial investment to become a consultant ranges between $400 and $1,000, all of which is refundable for up to 60 days.

Rodan + Fields offers comprehensive, clinical-grade product lines to solve four common skin complaints. The four main product lines are: Redefine, for anti-aging results; Reverse, to help noticeably faded and uneven skin tone; Soothe, to alleviate and nourish sensitive skin; and Unblemish, for adult acne. Rodan + Fields likes to tout the noticeable improvement their products create in users’ skin, and it is hard to argue with this after looking at some of the “before” and “after” pictures that many satisfied customers have posted.

The community commerce business model has proved quite successful so far, as has reported that there are 150,000 Rodan + Fields distributors working across the country. A sizable minority of these consultants, with their hard work and networking skills, have been able to declare themselves financially independent.

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