Selling to Friends and Family

Congratulations on taking the bold step of joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) company and setting out on your own as a salesperson! If you are still considering joining an MLM company, know that legitimate ones are not scams and they provide workers with legitimate opportunities to run their own small business by selling products. As you start to formulate your sales strategy, your first customers will likely be your friends and family. But there are special considerations to keep in mind when selling products to people so personally close to you.

Target Your Audience

As when marketing or selling anything, you need to identify your target market and work on selling your products to the people most likely to buy them first. You know your family and friends better than strangers, so it should be much easier for you to know which of your friends and family will be most interested in buying your products. Approach the people who you know might have need of your product first.

Do Not Charge Friends Or Family A Different Price

It would be a huge mistake to alter your pricing for friends and family members for a number of reasons. The biggest is that you undermine the legitimacy of your business. If you try and sell the product to people you know at a higher price, you will be seen as (and actually) taking advantage of your relationship with them to gain a higher profit. If you give friends and family a discount, you are not only hurting your profits but could get in trouble with the company you represent. In general, do not give special favors to friends and family members, and apply all applicable sales policies to them fairly.

Don’t Push

Coming across as a “pushy salesperson” is detrimental to most sales when you are trying to sell to a stranger. So it should go without saying that doing this is even worse when it’s a friend or family member you are trying to sell to, because it’s not just the sale at stake – it could impact your personal relationship. Be careful to avoid pressuring friends and family, even unknowingly, into buying your product just because they want to support and be nice to you. Instead, be passionate about the product you are selling and the benefits and improvements it can bring to people’s lives. Use friends and family, who will be more forgiving, to work on your sales and marketing skills, and never stop learning and improving.

Selling to friends and family presents unique challenges, but they can be overcome. The key is to not give preferential treatment to friends and family and treating it as a business transaction while still being highly personable. Accomplish that, and your sales career should be off to a good start.