Stella & Dot: Hello Gorgeous

Stella & Dot: Hello Gorgeous

The allure of becoming successful in business drives millions of ambitious individuals to follow their passion in creating value while refusing to work just another job. The freedom to become your own boss, responsible for every decision leading to your financial gain is wrought with difficulties along the way and far too often women are underrepresented within the community. The busier schedules of career-focused women can be detrimental to potential entrepreneurial aspirations.

The women at Stella & Dot strive to change that and provide women with more than only an opportunity to make money. It is their mission to create the “ultimate home based business” specifically adapted to suit modern women.

From Living Room Floors To Overseas Expansion

From their humble beginnings occupying founder Jessica Herrin’s living room to becoming an Inc 500 Fastest Growing Company, Stella & Dot have built success upon challenging the previously held beliefs of what is possible with an at home business.

Over the course of thirteen years, Stella & Dot have continued to add new stories of success in every new opportunity given to the women willing to make their jump into joining thousands of others in becoming a company Stylist.

Stella & Dot’s Stylist Program offers women the ability to create their own schedule, work from different locations, and make a considerable sum of money while helping other women find new ways to express their identity. The potential for earning as a stylist has continuously increased since its first implementation. 2010 to 2012 alone saw a jump in paid commission from $50 million to $100 million with the company reporting solid sales in North American and European markets.

The focus on providing women with viable opportunities to becoming at home entrepreneurs tie into the company stance on social responsibility. The team at Stella & Dot work tirelessly to ensure all of their products, vendors, suppliers, and partners operate in line with the same integrity and values they know to be true. The company is committed to empowering women at every stage of production.

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