Top 20 Network Marketing Companies

Many of the top 20 marketing companies have listed as top runners for many years. Their marketing strategies are legendary and taught in many colleges. Some of the most successful companies are experts at multi-level marketing (MLM).

1. Avon Products (AVP) is one of the top marketing firms earning 11.3 billion founded in 1886 Avon sells fragrances, clothing, and jewelry. The company has millions of customers, and 6 million sales representatives around the world with logo representation in over 100 markets, recognized by young and old.

2. Amway is a 10 billion dollar company with sales representatives earning over 3 million dollars. This giant distributes products in over 80 markets, selling home care, cosmetics, personal items, food, and wellness products.

3. Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) joins the top marketers with 3.5 billion in sales affording a sales staff of 2.79 million. This marketer holds business in 79 constituencies’ selling beauty products and personal care products.

4. Natural Cosmetics (NATUA3 SA) earns 3.0 billion located in Brazil. Sales staff makes 1.7 million selling makeup and individual care products. Started in 1979 Natural Cosmetics retails in seven markets.

5. Vorwerk & Co (KG) racked in 3.0 billion dollars and has a sales force of 600,000. The company since 1883 has promoted household appliance, cosmetics, and home care. They have developed, covering 76 markets.

6. Mary Kay Inc. an American cosmetic queen developed a company that now earns 2.9 billion. Including her sales force of 2.4 million in the bounty of the company, Mary Kay sells in 35 markets. Started in 1963 the company is trusted by millions of women for skin care and cosmetics.

7. Tupperware Brands Corp (TUP) begun in 1946 helping people store food and other items are in 100 markets. Earning 2.6 billion, this American company has 2.6 million people selling a service product, beauty, and personal care items.

8. Oriflame Cosmetics (ORI-SDB.ST) built a 2.1 billion industry while based in Luxembourg. The company markets beauty products with a staff of 3.6 million representatives. This group tackles 67 markets. Oriflame was founded in 1967.

9. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NUS) developed the company into a 1.7 billion dollar conglomerate, located in the United States; the company has 855,000 people staffing their marketing empire of cosmetics, and personal care items. Delving in 52 markets, Nu Skin began 1984 and has obtained a huge market share in the personal care industry.

10. Belcorp steps up with 1.6 billion in revenue. Based in Peru the company started in 1977 marketing cosmetics and personal care products. Belcorp has a staff of 933,000 working in five major markets.

11. Primerica Financial Services Inc. (PRI) operates with 1.1 billion incomes. With offices based in the USA, starting in 1977 this financial services business is manned by 90,000 workers in five markets.

12. Ignite Inc. produced $861 million from selling electricity and natural gas. Establishing a staff of 225,626, this American company saturates one market with the Ignite brand started in 2004.

13. Telecom Plus (TEP) earns $731 million from its base in the United Kingdom. Created in 1998 Telecom markets landlines phones, broadband, mobile phones, gas electricity and cashback cards with the assistance of 35,000 representatives in one market.

14. Yanbal International is based in Peru. The company accumulates $720 million from skincare, personal care, cosmetics, jewelry, and fragrances. The 350,000 staff builds sales in eight markets for this company started in 1967.

15. Ambit Energy L.P. has created a successful 664 million dollar company set up in the U.S. The staff 140,000 makes a footprint on one market in the energy field. Ambit Energy started in 2006 and continues to progress successfully.

16. AMOREPACIFIC (Korea) started in South Korea in 1945. It continues with a $600 million funding, AMOREPACIFIC markets cosmetics, personal items, wellness, and beverages, spanning three markets, AMOREPACIFIC flourishes in the cosmetic and wellness market.

17. USANA Health Sciences (USNA) celebrates with a $582 million income. Stationed in the United States and opening in 1992, this wellness group has 222,000 people working in 18 markets.

18. New Era Health Industry Group, Co., Ltd. (Zhong Jian) collects $555 million in proceeds. The company sells cosmetics health care and cleaning. While beginning business in 1995 and based in China, New Era Health Industry serves 14 markets.

19. ACN, Inc. generates $550 million in revenue. This telecommunications industry started in 1993 producing telecommunications, and energy. Located in the United States a staff of 200,000 workers in 23 markets continues to build this company.

20. Scentsy provides $537 million moving this company into the top 20 marketing firms. It is USA based marketing cosmetics, personal care, and food and beverage products. Scentsy markets home décor and kitchenware. A qualified group of 170,000 staffers in five markets helps to push this 2004 company forward.