There is no doubt you haven’t at least seen or heard about essential oils, and if you are like most of us, you have probably tried them, too. There are two main companies, Young Living and DoTerra, which are fighting for the top spot in the essential oil industry, but with so many smaller competitors coming up, can these two hold their positions?

The Brief History of Young Living

Young Living was founded in 1993 by Donald Gary and Mary Young in Lehi, Utah after creating their first organic herb farm. The couple then started distilling their herbs into oils, expanding their farm space, and eventually built a state of the art distilling facility, where all of their oils are made. Today, the company has farms across the globe and offices in Canada, Japan, Australia, and throughout Europe. They have grown from a small farming operation to one of the top essential oil companies in the world.

The Brief History of DoTerra

Interestingly enough, DoTerra was founded in 2008 by David Sterling and several former employees and executives from Young Living. The DoTerra headquarters are located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and have offices in Taiwan, Australia, Japan, and Europe. The company was sued by Young Living in 2013 because it was believed that DoTerra was using trade secrets that belonged to Young Living. The charges were eventually dropped, however, when it was discovered that both companies were using synthetic ingredients in their oils, and that the chemical makeup was different from one company to the other.

The War Between DoTerra and Young Living

There is no doubt that both DoTerra and Young Living are highly successful companies and both are clawing their way to the top while the other is trying to pull them down. Both companies have a lot of fans, though, and if you do an internet search, you’ll see site after site comparing the two. Which is better? Well, that’s open to opinion, and you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of sites praising the quality and effectiveness of one versus the other.

How Are Other Companies Changing the Essential Oil Game?

In addition to competing among themselves, both DoTerra and Young Living are also competing with smaller companies including Plant Therapy, Eden’s Garden, Mountain Rose Herbs, and Starwest Botanical. There are also companies that don’t necessarily specialize in essential oils, such as Melaleuca, which are also taking a bit of market share as they sell their own essential oil brands.

Thanks to all of this competition, consumers have more choices than ever before when shopping for essential oils, and there is a lot of interest about what company is the “best” when purchasing essential oils. This works out well for you, if you are in the market, as you can find good quality essential oils at more affordable prices.

So, who is winning the essential oil war? If you have to make a choice, it’s likely these smaller companies who really have nowhere to go but up. As for DoTerra and Young Living, they are holding their own, for now, but with more people than ever before becoming interested in essential oils, both companies must stay on their toes.