Younique Hopes To Empower Women Through Their Products

Younique Hopes To Empower Women Through Their Products

Younique offers beauty products that are designed to uplift and empower women throughout the World. Younique’s high-quality products help women develop self-esteem through encouraging outer and inner beauty, as well as spiritual enlightenment. Younique hopes that their customers will use their products to help achieve personal growth.

Younique uses scientific research to develop their products. All of Younique’s products contain healthy ingredients that provide nourishment for the skin. Younique’s products are safe and beneficial for every skin type. The team at Younique relies on natural ingredients from the Earth to deliver a unique line of products.

The founders of Younique are Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft. The brother and sister tandem created Younique with the goal of helping women achieve success. Maxfield studied Computer Science at Brigham Young University, before becoming a successful entrepreneur. Maxfield has over 10 years of experience working in direct sales. Huscroft studied Advertising and Business Education at Boise State University. Huscroft’s experiences in sales and marketing, combined with her passion and creativity make her a great asset to the company.

Younique Presenter

You have the opportunity to become a Younique Presenter and join a global network of women. You can be a part of helping women achieve personal growth, while also being awarded financially. On your first day as a Younique Presenter, you will receive access to your own personal website and e-commerce store. You can begin selling products immediately. Within a few days, you should receive your Younique New Presenter Kit. While you are waiting for Presenter Kit to arrive, you should be pre-occupied with your Youniversity Training Academy courses. The courses will help you learn some marketing tips and other insights about business.

Instant Rewards

Once your make a sale, you can receive your payment quickly using PayQuicker. Within a few hours of completing a sale of your website, the earnings will be deposited into your PayQuicker account. Once you have accumulated enough money, you will receive your own Younique Debit Card. You also have the ability to work your way up to receiving a special Younique Car Incentive. You can choose from a car, truck, sport utility vehicle, or even a motorcycle.

Younique Hostess Reward Program

By hosting a Younique Party, you have the opportunity to earn rewards through a points-based system. Once you post a link on social media, people can shop and view the points for their purchases, while you keep track of potentially earning free products.

Distributor Listings

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